Monday, December 17, 2007

So now then...

....i am currently up to the pits in shite before the holidays start which I will be working for my part-time so the blog will be null till then but I will be writing a lot till that happens. I plan to put up work every week for the next year so I'd rather put in the filler now and have it ready, then to let it trickle out like shit.

SO I hope to divide the blog into the following: Plots/Beats (What the PC's are actually going through), Sessions (What happened), PCs (If the players allow or write something up themselves), NPCs (Stats and Portraits!) Maps (One already up and more elaborate ones) Monsters (Stats and Illustrations) and then FEATS, Magic Items, and Spells if I get to write any.

Like this the whole site can be cataloged and used for other players out there and maybe even a bit of critiquing can happen? I don't know, but I hope to go to the Enworld boards and WOTC boards with this to draw a crowd and see if the experiment works. The one secret? Persistence, I think.

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